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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  October 14, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> do you know what the next hour for me will bring? some whiskey which i earned. >> i have a whole bar in my office and you're welcome to stop in. yeah. thanks, chris. and thanks to you at home for staying with us this hour. if you're drinking with chris hayes over the course of the next hour, have one for me. my weekend doesn't start yet. the last time there was a national election was two years ago, of course. in the 2014 mid-term. republicans were already in control of the house. heading into that election. but they did great in 2014. even though they were already in control of the house. they picked up 13 additional seats in that election. and the democrats were bugged. everybody knows the general rule if your party holds the white house, you usually lose seats in the mid-term election. when the democrats lost 13 seats, in 2014, they were kind of bummed.
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and president obama took some of that himself. shortly after the election in 2014. you might remember, president obama had this really interesting interview with george stephanopoulos. and it was sort of a standard presidential interview. it was a little chattier than most. he was a little wistful. especially about what the american people might want from him in the future. >> i think the american people, they're going to want that new car smell. they want to drive something off the lot that doesn't have as much mileage as me. they're probably not going to be looking to me to campaign too much. one of the things about our society, which is great, is that we don't have real long memories. and if we get impatient for the next thing. >> it worked for you before. >> it worked for me before.
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i think at the end of two years, if they want me to do things, i'll be happy to do them but i suspect folks will be ready to see me go off to the next thing. >> president obama speaking two years ago saying he was under no illusions about his own popularity. thinking ahead to the 2016 campaign saying at the end of my second material, america will want a new car smell. he doesn't think there would be any chance that his would be successor would want him to be campaigning too much by the time the 2016 campaign rolled around. in hindsight we can call that wishful thinking. here barack obama is with 99 days left in office and he has the highest approval ratings of any point in his second material of he's at something like 55% approval rating. if he thought co-get away with people only wanting hill to do a few selective things here and there, he very much misjudged that in terms of 2016.
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the hillary clinton campaign has tim kaine, but they also have vice president joe biden and first lady michelle obama and president obama doing campaign events for hillary clinton and other democrats every minute they can get them out there. today president obama was in ohio for hillary clinton. making the case for her. and making it with some relish. with a little spring in his step. particularly when he got to the part about making the case against donald trump. i think it is something he was a little reluctant to get into the fray of that when he was first starting to campaign for hillary clinton. but now it seems like he really likes that part. >> i have to say, because he's getting some support from some working folks. and i want to say to him, look. if a guy spent 70 years on this earth, showing no regard for working people, there's no
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record that he supported minimum wage or supported collective bargaining. invested in poor communities. and then suddenly he will be the champion of working people in come on. come on, man! apparently in a speech yesterday, he started talking about global elites. that there was a conspiracy of global elites. this is a guy who spent all his time hanging around, trying to convince everybody he was a global elite. talking with how great his buildings are. how luxurious and how rich he is. and flying around everywhere. and all he had time for was celebrities. now he is acting like he's a populist out there. i'm going to fight for working people. come on, man! if you say you're about the constitution, and you're opposed to what obama is doing with
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executive actions, because that shows he is a tyrant. but you're okay with a guy who says to his opponent during the middle of the debate, i'm going to throw you in jail. how does that work? it doesn't work. >> president obama speaking today in ohio. he was convinced two years ago nobody would want him out campaigning. the republicans' plan for this election, they were going to make this election a reference tim on whether or not america wants a third obama term. that's what they planned on running in 2016. instead the democrats have ended up running on the republican play book. the democrats are looking around, where else can we send obama? you want a third obama material, right? more than you want a donald trump presidency, right? president obama does seem to be enjoying going after trump on the trail. today trump came up with an
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unusual way to threaten president obama on his own side of the campaign trail. >> obama is an incompetent. he is an incompetent president. he doesn't know what he's doing. he is out campaigning all day long. he is talking about me like he knows me. i don't know him. he doesn't know me. and why doesn't some woman maybe come up and say falsely what they say about me? they can say about it me or anybody. they can say about it anybody. he'd better be careful. they can say about it anybody. anybody at all. >> he'd better be careful. he says of the president of the united states. donald trump says he is quite sure president obama is just as susceptible to allegations of sexual harassment and unwanted groping as donald trump has proven to be over the last few days.
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it's weird. we're at the point in the campaign where something like that doesn't even make waves. it doesn't even generate all that much press. but the republican nominee for president today did threaten the president of the united states. if he, the president, isn't careful, this candidate says he expects false assault allegations could be generated against the president. the campaign is getting very dark. we expected it to. the trump events are getting more and more unhinged. every time he talks, people just open up microphones and turn on cameras and point them at him. not because they're particularly interested in what he has to say but because who knows what might explode? >> i am being viciously attacked with lies and smears. it is a phony deal. i had no idea. no idea. and i think you know that.
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these are lies being pushed by the media and the clinton campaign. they are all false. totally fiction. 100% totally and completely fabricated. these people are sick. it never happen. never happened. it is a lie. it is a lie. these are all horrible lies. all fabrications. they make up lies. the process is rigged. this whole election is being rigged. these lies spread by the media -- a lie. total high. fabrication. a totally phony deal. the whole thing. we've been going through, and i hate to say it. but the whole thing we're going through. bernie sanders, a rigged deal. the whole thing is one big fix. one big ugly lie. one big fix.
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the press can't write the kind of things they write, which are lies, lies, lies. and so vote for me. it has been one week since the "washington post" published previously unbroadcast tape from the nbc archives. we were covering the release of the tape. in that tape donald trump bragged that he can't stop himself from kissing women, he grabs women by the ceo and he gets away with it because he is a star. one week later, i think we all expected that the next shoe that would drop would probably be more tape. right? i mean, that "access hollywood" appearance that day was one of hundreds if not thousands of tv appearance that's donald trump has made over his years as a celebrity of sorts. there are multiple reports
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including from a bombshell associated press story early last week about his alleged behavior on the set of tv shows like "the apprentice." according to people who were speaker viewed, it was witnessed by the cast and crew and they say reportedly, that behavior was filmed. so there's tape. but it all ended up on the cutting room floor. i think we expected that the next thing would be people would pick up scraps off the broadcast floor. it would turn up from the various shows he's been part of or has appeared. that has not happened. instead, real live human women came forward. more than a half dozen women came forward saying that what donald trump described himself doing on that "access hollywood" tape is the exact behavior that he did to them in person. trump apologized for what emon
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that tape. he has denied all of these women's claims. all these women who say, yeah, everything did to me what he bragged on that tape. he denies them all individually. should tell you all, nbc news has not independently verified these claims. donald trump categorically denied that he ever behaved in the way he bragged about on that tape. first it was two women speaking to the "new york times". one described being allegedly groped by him on an airplane. another described being aggressively kissed by mr. trump at trump tower when he was working there. the same night another woman reported that he allegedly groped her at mar-a-lago. it was a writer for "people" magazine who said that he groped her and kissed her aggressively without consent. again at his estate in mar-a-lago. then today, a woman said he groped her without her consent, put his hand up her skirt and touched her crotch without so much as saying a word to her.
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then it was this press conference with a former contestant saying donald trump tried to force himself on her in a los angeles hotel room. the donald trump campaign has vehemently denialed these allegations. a week ago tonight, the trump campaign has tried on these evolving series of conspiracies that might explain where all these false claims are coming from. >> just, i think this whole tape, videotape thing was imagined. i think it was timed. i think it might have even been a conspiracy among establishment reporters who have known about it for weeks and who tried to time it to do the maximum damage to donald trump. i really believe that it was all, wasn't a coincidence that it came out right before trump was supposed to appear with paul ryan at a rally.
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and conveniently gave paul ryan a way to disinvite trump. that was sunday night. jerry falwell jr. saying the "access hollywood" tape was conspiracy against donald trump. orchestrated by republicans. saying paul ryan did it. that's where it came from. trump himself started running with that idea the next day. >> wouldn't you think that paul ryan would call and say, good going? in front of just about the largest audience for a second night debate in the history of the country? no. he doesn't do that. there is a whole deal going on. i always figure things out. there is a whole sinister deal going on with paul ryan that explains what's going on. donald trump says he always figures it out. by last night what donald trump
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figured out, what gave rise the this horrible place he's in with the campaign, the people who are now in control of the conspiracy, as he sees it, it is the global elite. >> this election will determine where we're a free nation or whether we have only the illusion of democracy. but are in fact controlled by a handful of global special interests. hillary clinton meets in sweekt international banks to plot the destruction of u.s. sovereignty to enrich the global financial powers. this is a conspiracy against you, the american people, and we can not let this happen. >> so again, just for context here, the trump campaign is that donald trump bragging on tape that he gets away with grabbing women by the p word. that's a conspiracy generated by paul ryan or maybe it is a
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sinister plot between paul ryan and hillary clinton or possibly a secret project of the global financial elite. you can see the evolution of who they're blaming over the course of the week. today we hit, what i have to hope is peak conspiracy. >> now carlos comes from mexico. he has given many millions to the clintons. so reporters of the "new york times", they're not journalists. they're corporate hobbyists for hillary clinton. we're going to let foreign corporations of the ceos deny the outcomes. you just can't do this. we can't let the happen. we are not going to let it happen. where they decide the outcome of our elections. this is our last chance to save the country.
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>> the man behind the curtain, the man original traiting this is carlos, the man pulling the strings. the trump campaign says what they are settling on now to display this terrible news of allegation after allegation, the hollywood tape and all the rest is because the mexican billionaire carlos slim. that just shows you, that just squares it off, right? carlos slim has stock in the "new york times". and donald trump looks like he will lose the election. and so now, get it? right? even if you are absolutely persuaded by air tight logic, how does carlos slim and him having a connection to the "new york times" explain what is happening in the "washington post"? how does that explain what's happening in the palm beach post in how does that explain this woman with feminist attorney
9:17 pm
gloria allred today? how does it explain the woman from "people" magazine? there's a way in which this conspiratorial tone would be funny if the topic were not so disgusting. for anybody to forget how disgusting it all is, the trump campaign has moved on to the next new phase in responding to the crisis. and it is donald trump attempting to not just deny these allegations burks to rebut these allegations himself by claiming all these women accusing him, all these women who say he behaved this way toward them. clearly it could not have happened because none of them meet his standards on who he would go after when he is deciding who to grope. >> she said i made inappropriate advances. by the area, the people was a public area. people all over the place. take a look. you take look. look at her. look at her words. you tell me what you think. i don't think so.
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when you looked at that horrible woman last night, you said i don't think so. i don't think so. whoever she is, wherever she comes from, the stories are total fiction. they're 100% made up. they never happened. they never would happen. i don't think it happened with very many people but they certainly won't happen with me. i was with donald trump in 1980. i was sitting with him on an airplane. and he went after me on the plane. yeah. i'm going to go after her. believe me, she would not be my first choice. that i can tell you. you don't know. that would not be my first choice. >> the argument is she's not pretty enough for me to sexually assault her. right?
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is there a different argument? another plausible argument? she's not pretty enough for no molest? in terms of political stretch, what the clinton campaign needs to do is, absolutely nothing. take a vacation. consider napping more. don't interrupt this process. let this play out. voting is underway in many states including lots of swing states and this is apocalyptic for the republican party. beyond the politics and the political strategy of this, what about this avalanche of allegations? in one week we've had woman after woman after woman after woman after woman. all of these named, grown women who have come forward and said not anonymously behind some sill wept screen. women using their real names. they've come forward and let themselves be known. they've made themselves willing to be identified. they have made these claims. and damn the consequences. what kind of calculus is tha for them?
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so here's a thing that's happened. look, physically. look at i. this is the latest bizarre development from a donald trump rally. this is republican party's presidential nominee tonight physically ripping apart his teleprompter. on stage at this rally. the teleprompter that was set apart for him by his own campaign. taking it apart there. and i don't know why he is taking apart the teleprommers. i don't know. something media? something global elites? perhaps carlos slim was hiding inside? >> i wish i could say that this was the campaign's headline. of course, it is not. our next guest has the latest story in the campaign today at the "washington post." that's next.
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>> this woman named kristin anderson talking with the "washington post" today in an interview. she claims she was sexually assaulted, to her surprise, by donald trump in the early 1990s. she said it happened in a crowded nightclub in new york city. she said she and donald trump did not speak. that he just physically assaulted her, physically groped her this way without saying a word. these words the trump campaign says are made up. joining us now, from the "washington post." thanks for being here. >> so how did this story come about? what do you know about why miss anderson decided to come forward? how did you vet the story? >> sure. she did not decide to come forward. we approached her. a week ago today, my colleague david broke a story about this very explosive videotape. in which donald trump discuss ad very specific way of groping
9:26 pm
that he believed he was entitled to by his celebrity. he said they will let you do this. and over the weekend, we at the "washington post" got an e-mail tip from someone saying, i know someone to whom that exact act occurred by donald trump. and so we at the "washington post" approached kristin and said, did this happen? and she was not entirely enthusiastic about the idea of going public with this. but i have been talking with her all week every day. and she gave me names of people to whom she had told the story. two of whom went on the record. one of whom she told just days after it happen. i spent a lot of the rest of the week verifying everything that she told me to see that she was credible. right down to getting her voter registration to make sure she really was registered as an independent.
9:27 pm
but she was not totally sold on the idea of coming forward shelf herself had seen the videotape. she was shocked. she said for the first time i understood why what happened to me happened. but she read the "new york times" on wednesday night. she saw two other women who had been victimized in her view, and she's right. far more seriously than she had been shelf read the first person account of a "people" magazine reporter. and yesterday morning, i was on the phone with kristin and she said to me two words. we got a videographer to her as quickly as possible i interviewed her by phone while she was being interviewed and that's how we produced the story today. >> one of the things we've seen over the course of the week, as several women have come forward. the reporting process you're describing.
9:28 pm
the trump campaign and mr. trump denying each of these allegations, you as reporters are having to verify. can you shed some light on your thinking, the paper's thinking, about why it is important to find people these women spoke to at the time. why is that so key to verifying their stories? >> that way you don't think it is the power of suggestion of having seen this videotape a week ago later thinking it happened to her. when in fact i talked on three people. only two of whom were willing to go on the record. let's face it. getting involved in a story like this will sun to you a lot of heat. these two people, one of whom was a friend who said yeah, we had brunch a few days later. the other was a photographer who said in 2007 of course he was
9:29 pm
out with a bunch of people at dinner and they described this fact thing. she was very aware that all kinds of aspects of her high of had been up for scrutiny. so i had to talk to her and we had some really personal conversations shelf provided everything i asked her, right down to giving me a copy of her child custody agreement and i did a lot of other digging. i found out in fact donald trump was a regular attendee of the nightclub that she described at that time. i found out that it was often crowded. as many as 1100 people would be there at one time. so ultimately, this is a he said she said. but i had to convince myself, the she said on that side of the equation, that there was nothing she was telling me didn't comport with facts that were checkable.
9:30 pm
>> thank you for talking about this story and thank you for talking about this aspect of it. what did you in the piece but also showing your work and showing how you satisfied your own journalistic needs to tell a story like this. i think it really, it is a public service. thanks for being so good at what you do. >> i should tell you that a couple days ago, we talked on this show. another woman saying that donald trump groped her without consent. there is a report that that woman is manning on leaving the united states. she is manning on leaving the country because of the response that she's to coming out publicly. she said she feel for her family's safety. she's been feeling back lash from trump supporters and she is leaving the country to try keep herself and her family safe. much more tonight. stay with us. ♪
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zevos kristin. so here's something to watch for into the evening and the weekend. there has been a remarkable leak to nbc news tonight. nbc has this exclusively. you'll remember that a week ago the u.s. government made this remarkable statement. they formally accused russia of using cyber warfare to attack the u.s. election system. they accused russia of headaching the democratic party and other political organizations and political figures over the last several months. all in a deliberate effort to reduce confidence in our
9:35 pm
elections and to interfere in our elections. and cynic that remarkable accusation was made by the u.s. government a week ago, there has been a follow-up question which is, well, what are you going to do about it? well, that is apparentlily with a nbc news has just figured out. nbc news has learned the cia is in the initial phase of a wide ranging cyber retaliation, designed to be both clandestine and embarrassing. sources say the target, the kremlin leadership. particularly vladimir putin. if ordered by the white house, the cia could manipulate things as specific as the banking accounts and personal phones of the kremlin leadership. >> personal phones and banking accounts flag this is reported to be the craft planning a cyber offensive. a retaliatory cyber offensive against russia. that is what has been described. they're important to say that president obama has not signed
9:36 pm
off on the plan which is interesting in terms of the story breaking. earlier this week josh earnest said it is possible the president could choose response options that we never announce. we did get something of an announcement tonight. we don't i don't know this man was leaked. we don't know whether we should expect something imminently in materials of the u.s. waging offensive on this. if the u.s. does start waging cyber war on russia, we don't even know if we would know that it was happening. right in so spooky stuff. but watch this space and watch this story tenually over the weekend.
9:37 pm
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the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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>> he would like to be known as george w. bush from texas. the state he lived in as a young man and where he served as governor.
9:40 pm
in the 2004 elections, he carried texas by a mile. he won his home state for the first time by 22 points. went back four years later and won it by 23 points. particularly because there are a lot of latinos in texas. democrats have had this dream that they might be able to turn it into purple if not blue. after the transplant was gone and the republicans were running a candidate not from texas. in fact, he lost nationwide by a lot. even that campaign still won texas by 11 digits. then four years later, mitt romney won by 16 points. so yeah. texas, red at the presidential level. but do you know what? it is not a monolithic thing and we've just gotten some information about an unusual spike in voter registration this year. a lot of interesting their
9:41 pm
business why this is happening. here one specific number. out of travis county, texas. it is right there on the map. around the state capital. it has announced that out of all the people eligible to vote in that county, 90% of them are now registered to vote. they have 90% voter registration in travis county. that's nuts. and even though republicans win texas by a mile, republicans do not win travis county. this big county where they now have 90% of people registered. look at the vote in 2008. president obama won in travis county. now in that county, 90% of the people are registered to vote. we talked on some folks in texas about that today. they're definitely thring cold water on the larger importance of that saying, texas really is still a pipe dream for democrats, even if those numbers are eye popping. but it's interesting, right?
9:42 pm
in terms of the prospects for texas democrats. particularly given this poll that just came out of texas today. a good statewide poll that showed that donald trump is leading in texas by only 4 points. margin of error. in texas, that's crazy bad for a republican. so there's that. texas. we're also now getting an early vote data from other parts of the country. and i should say, despite news like that out of telephone, the early vote data that we're getting is not all good news for hillary clinton's campaign. for example new early voting data from ohio and it is good news for donald trump. we saw those ecstatic pictures of people flooding into the county clerk office. a lot of those people, if not all of them in these images are hillary clinton supporters. but the early data so far out of ohio is not good news for democrats. battle requests, down almost 20%.
9:43 pm
that's where democrats bank their votes. in cuyahoga county is off nearly 20% from 2012, that is not good news for democrats. that's good news for donald trump. and then there's the numbers from florida. in florida, over 3,000 people have already voted. democrats are feeling optimistic in florida for two reasons. reason number one, it is usually florida republican who's are feeling good right around now in terms of voting. republicans tend to beat the pants off democrats when it comes the absentee ballots. what we're used to seeing is florida republicans run up the score early and then democrats narrow the gap once the in person early voting starts. not at all the way that it is going this year. this year democrats appear to be on pace to match republican ballots, cast in florida, before the early in person voting even starts. so this is usually the time when
9:44 pm
democrats are building up their big lead. democrats are neck in neck. that's reason number one. second reason they're psyched about the florida numbers is the same reason they have that glimmer of hope in their eyes. however misguided it may be about texas. the other reason the democrats are excited is the voter registration number. in florida. democrats led republicans in terms of voter registration. now we know the florida democratic party is blowing away the republican party in submitting new voter registration forms. the democrats have submitted more than half a million new voter registration forms. republicans have submitted less than 60,000. and the republican were already behind. so the rnc says they have a far better ground campaign in florida. they accused the media of having fallen for the clinton camp's false narrative that equates having offices with a field
9:45 pm
organization. now we have these new voter registration numbers. and the fact democrats catching up in early balloting. maybe hillary clinton having 72 freaking campaign offices in the state, may be that help. maybe those were for something. donald trump will likely win the state of texas. may be even ohio. in north, things are not looking good for florida. we're at the point where you can count more than polls. in florida, in the polls alone, it is looking okay not great for donald trump but bad in the early voting and disastrous in voter registration. this thing is underway. much more ahead. stay with us. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow.
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north korea's top leader named the onions sexiest man alive for 2012. the obvious problem with that headline is that nobody told them the onion is a satirical website. and it is one thing to get fooled and write an article. but china's daily, they went to town. they built a 55-image shied show commemorating this great distinction that had been bestowed upon the leader. the lead picture was, mr. kim astride a horse, included this direct quote from the onion. he has that rare ability to be completely adorable and completely macho at the same time. sometimes it is a very easy thing to tell that a story is bogus. other times you do need to do some digging. sometime you need to call people in serbia and talk on newspaper editors there in order to get to the bottom of something in the american news. and that's how we spent our day today.
9:49 pm
that story is ahead. super weird. stay with us. mom,
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9:56 pm
scars. git starrist from the band is the actor with the gun, the guy not the woman. and the actor and guitarist has been living in the united states for quite some time but reportedly headed home next year because the guitarist of the band now looks like this and he is running for president as serbia. he's been a little politically involved over here. 's an outspoken donald trump supporter through some means he ended up meeting personally with mike pence. we have photographic record of that. you see it here. we also have a photograph of him with the yand state director for helps him in terms of looking connected back at home. in serbia he told a newspaper that he could get them an interview with donald trump. an interview with donald trump for a serbian newspaper. if you're the serbian newspaper
9:57 pm
you're like, wow, great. right? well, that interview ran in this serbian newspaper yesterday. it drew some criticism from the clinton campaign when the interview ran. because in this interview, donald trump appeared to apologize for the u.s. participating in the nato bombing of the former yugoslavia in the 1990s. okay. here's what we've learned in terms of trying to get our head around what happened in this story. it appears that donald trump did not actually do this interview with this serbian paper. it's possible he did and they're snow jobbing us entirely but it feels like somebody pulled a fast one here. what we've heard from the presidential candidate, actor, guitar player, is he got a set of questions from the newspaper and he handed them over on a piece of paper to somebody at the trump campaign, he won't say who, and then he says he got a written response to those questions from the trump campaign, from donald trump. specifically, he says, he got
9:58 pm
that response from the indiana state director of the trump/pence campaign with whom you see him here. here's that response. we got it today. it appears to be her e-mail address, the indiana state director for the trump campaign. we've redacted it here, we crossed it out but that is her e-mail address. the trump campaign confirmed its her e-mail address but she denies she sent this e-mail with the trump campaign's responses to these interview questions. the trump campaign denies, in fact, that anybody in their whole campaign sent that e-mail. in fact, the trump campaign told us today at the national level that they searched all of their e-mail servers in the entire campaign and this e-mail, which has what are purported to be donald trump's answers to questions from the serbian newspaper, they say, uh-uh, not on any of their servers, didn't come from them. none of their staffers touched this, it's completely invented. and so this is a weird story, right? this started off as a weird story in the first place when it appeared donald trump was apologizing for the u.s. bombing serbia in the '90s.
9:59 pm
that's a weird thing for donald trump to apologize for. but what is weirder, what is even weirder than the original story, is that somebody may be successfully impersonating donald trump in order to portray him as apologizing for the u.s. bombing in serbia. it's possible donald trump did give this interview and make this apology and the campaign isn't trying to take these things back because they're embarrassed about them, maybe. it's also possible the trump campaign answered their questions on behalf of the candidate and they don't like the way they landed so they're denying responsibility for them. we should also tell you the serbian presidential candidate guitar player actor insists he got this response from the trump campaign. he says there was no funny business here at all. other than the fact that everybody's denying that this happened all of a sudden. what seems most likely to us from our look into this is that it seems most likely to us that nobody from the trump campaign gave the serbian newspaper these answers.
10:00 pm
somebody else along the way decided to impersonate donald trump and have it appear as if he was apologizing for the u.s. bombing serbia in some foreign paper but we don't know. it remains a mystery. we've spoken to the paper. they took down their article, their supposed donald trump interview, they're doing their own investigation. if they find out somebody was impersonating donald trump in the foreign press and they find out who it was, well, that's going to be a really good story when we get to that part of it. i should note real quick before we go that this headline, this is not me taking a shot at trump at all, when you translate the serbian article on google trump shows up as "tramp." i do not mean anything by that, i do not do it. that's blame google. funny but we didn't make it funny. that does it for us, we will see you again tomorrow -- no, monday. now it's time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. >> they would be happy for you to come in tomorrow. why don't you come in tomorrow? i will watch. >> that's a mistake i will never, ever make.


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